Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Hiatus

So we have a baby, weather gets warm, family visits, kids want to be outside all the time, Stephannie is feeding a baby every two hours and everything else around the house still needs to get done and the blog does not get updated for two months…woops.  Oh well we have been busy. But we have enjoyed summer, we have spent a lot of time outside playing in the water, done some playing at the park, the girls have enjoyed playing in the water and I think the best of all is that we have not had many mosquitoes this summer. On that note enjoy the pictures.
Baby Paige.
Kendall did a drawing where you fill in the boxes based on the picture above. She did such a good job. Sometimes I forget how smart she is.
The Teini girls.
Daddy reading to the girls before bed.
Kendall after her dance recital this spring. She did such a good job and got some flowers.
The girls feeding the goats at Erine and Beth's place.
My baby slepping away.
Kendall reading to her baby sister.  Kendall loves her little sister.
Kendall holding her sister.
Brinley holder her sister...sister not enjoying Brinley holding her.
Wide awake!
Me and my baby.
The girls playing with their watertable.
Brinley holding her fish.
Daddy and his girls.
Paige just haning out.
Dad's fish he caught.
We have a smile...or gas.
Kendall just paying at the park with papa.
Kendall and her fish.
The family on the 4th.
Kendall holding the butterfly she grew from a larva this summer.  We had to let them go after keeping them for a few days.

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